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Help animals

Animals help us always. Humans and big companies do not respect animals. For they is animal just a product. No one will understand animals. They are like slave for them. On Media showing us that a chicken or pig living good in a farm. But this large farms are killing field. They can’t choose whemat they eat. A few people at home are like big companies. No time for animal nothing. They buy dog or cat for children and when are children large then forget about animal. Every animal must live a good live. They can’t tell us what’s the problem. We must listen to them. About animals i will write more.

Make money

Why just all people see money. Money is not helping you to be a better person. Money is just a paper. You must do upgrade on your soul, mind. Money is making impression on other people and that impresion is not real. It’s more jealousy. Not all people think equal. With money can yoh buy everything. But you can’t buy to be respected and find a real friends. Live is to short to work just for a paper. Live your live enjoy it. You never know where is a trap that’s live makes for us. Don’t care if you have no money. And if you are out of money and not happy dan you don’t deserve money. A great person thats character is strong is a human thats happy without money.

Fast food

They dont care if you die fast. They goal is to make money. No respect for animal’s. Mass production whith low cost.If you think fast food is cheap, then i must say to you its cost more money thet other food. Every human like fast food. Its not problem by little fast food concerns. The big one. They destroy world like cars and others industries. We only see what media saying to us. They have people who make this legal.In this world in this days if you have money you can do everything what you desire.

Only human

They said if you’re poor than you are lazy and so nothing. Rich people don’t understand than not all people can be rich. That can you be rich for sure,plays much rolle where are you born if you’re family is rich. And opportunity is a most what counts. Don’t judge poir people.

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